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Product Description

Passion is everything.

– John Quarisa

Quarisa Wines is a culmination of a life long par tnership of passion and dedication between, John and Josephine Quarisa, where “Passion is everything”. 

Acclaimed winemaker and International Wine Show Judge, John Quarisa draws on years of experience producing wines for some of Australia’s top wine companies. John’s winemaking has been awarded Australia’s top trophies, including the Jimmy Watson and Stodart Trophies.

The Johnny Q and Treasures range have been designed with an international audience in mind. John’s international wine show judging has heavily influenced the styles for both ranges. The labels draw inspiration from John and his family; the fun loving Johnny Q (John actually dressed up for the action shots on the label) while Treasures captures an innocent yet unforgettable moment in time of John and Josephine’s children on a family holiday at the beach. Together they display the hear tfelt passion John and Josephine feel for their new, exciting venture, their family and their life.



– James Halliday Wine Companion

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South Australia

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Red Wine, Sparkling Wine, Sweet Wine, White Wine

John and Josephine would like to take you on a journey, a wine experience with a difference. What makes this different? The pleasure in knowing that you are experiencing raw passion, unbridled enthusiasm and absolute sincerity, in a glass of these hand crafted wines.

30 Mile

Wistful willows line the banks of the waters of 30 mile whose currents and local affection run deep. If you listen carefully 30 mile whispers of those who have sheltered in the shade and splashed and squealed in its rapid waters. Relax, relish and enjoy … relinquish yourself to the 30 mile.

The enchanted tree

The enchanted tree - whose passion flows from deep within, grants wishes only of inspiration and chance. Take time to relinquish yourself to its enchanting whispers of discovery, adventure and fantasy. Venture into the depths of the unknown, be inspired to discover your own passion and be enchanted by this wine.

Johnny Q

Johnny Q, is the hardworking, effervescent, easy going range which represents not only the winemaker but the nature of the wines. “Never take life too seriously” is the motto of Johnny Q; it is winemaker John Quarisa’s quirky and good humoured approach to life that inspires this exceptional, full flavoured approachable range.


Treasures, John and Josephine’s 3 treasures – unique, innocent and energetic - their children. From the simple delight of children exploring, John draws inspiration, where anything is conquerable, where dreams become reality and where passion is everything. Sourced from some of Australia’s most prestigious regions, these wines are inspirational and elegant, exceeding all expectations.

Quarisa Wines was established by John and Josephine Quarisa (and their three children). John has had a distinguished career as a winemaker spanning over 20 years, working for some of Australias largest wineries, including McWilliams, Casella and Nugan Estate. He was also chiefly responsible in 2004 for winning the Jimmy Watson Trophy (Melbourne) and the Stodart Trophy (Adelaide). In a busmans holiday venture, the Quarisas set up a very successful family business using grapes from various parts of NSW and SA, made in leased space. Production has risen in leaps and bounds (from 20000 dozen a year or two ago to its present level) in a tough economic environment, and the exceptional value for money provided by the wines may well see both continuing in a tough market. It is no surprise that leading national distributor Domaine Wine Shippers has taken on the brand.

- James Halliday

- James Halliday Wine Companion