Domaine de COURCEL


Red Burgundy

Pommard “Rugiens”

Pommard “Grand Clos de Epenots”

Bourgogne Pinot Noir



Product Description

The Courcels family has made Pommard for over 400 years. Their 25 acre estate includes the 12 acre “Grand Clos des Epenots” and two and one half acres of “Rugiens”. With the death of Mademoiselle de Courcel, the estate has passed into the capable hands of her nephew, Giles.

The Domaine de Courcel is a 400 year old family owned winery, located in the village of Pommard on the Côte d’Or. Its current owners, three sisters and one brother, are the descendants of the founders. The estate is managed by Anne Bommelaer and Marie de Courcel.

Pommard is four kilometers south-east of Beaune. The vines span on the southern « coteaux » (hillsides) of the Côte de Beaune, where is located one of the most prestigious vine-growing areas.

The Domaine de Courcel’s vineyard is planted on around 9.5 hectares. It produces one of the highest quality red wines of the Côte de Beaune. Its red wines, made from Pinot Noir, can be characterised by their elegance and minerality as well as their strong tannins, which blend in nicely with strong and beautiful aromas of red berries and toasted bread.

The vineyard is essentially composed of prestigious « Premier Crus ». As such, the Domaine is one of the largest estates of « Pommard Premier Crus ». The vineyard is composed of the following appellations : Le Grand Clos des Epenots, Les Rugiens, Les Frémiers, Les Croix Noires.

These four Premier Crus enjoy worldwide notoriety. Le Grand Clos des Epenots, which accounts for 50% of the Domaine’s production, and Les Rugiens are in a class of their own in Burgundy.

The Domaine also produces a Pommard Vaumuriens, a Bourgogne Pinot Noir as well as a Bourgogne Chardonnay.

Annual production, which never exceeds around 30 000 bottles, is sold throughout the world. The wines produced by the Domaine are frequently mentioned and reviewed in leading French or international wine publications.

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Cru Level

Premier Cru


Yves Confuron


Over 400 years old

Vineyard Size

9.5 ha

Wine category

Red Wine

Le Grand Clos des Epenots is a monopoly of the Domaine. The plot of 4.89 hectares of land is located north of Pommard, at the start of the slope and is east facing. The soil, which is rich in clay and limestone, is brown and strewn with limestone rocks. The depth of the soil is around 40-60cm and its structure acts as a natural filter. The vines are ~60 years old and produce wines with aromas of red berries and also ripe white fruits such as peaches or apricots. The fine tannins are numerous and blend in nicely with the smoothness and the aromas.

The Domaine produces wines from seven different lots (climats), all based in Pommard. Four of these wines, which represent close to 75% of the surface of the estate, enjoy the appellation “Premier Cru”. The vineyard is composed of the widest variety of Pommard wines. The vines are located on the hillsides, south of the village between Pommard and Volnay, and on the north between Pommard and Beaune.